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We not only produce individual components, but also finished products. The steel and metal processing offered is aimed at people who run their own service business, as well as manufacturing companies interested in the powder coating option.


Laser cut

We offer precision laser cutting of sheet metal from a variety of materials. We guarantee excellent quality and flexibility in project implementation. Advanced technology ensures speed and perfect execution of each order.


Sheet Metal Bending

We offer high-quality sheet metal bending services with press brakes to precisely form and shape a variety of metal parts.


We specialize in pemming services, providing effective joining of metal parts. Thanks to the advanced techniques and experience of our team, we offer solutions that meet the highest quality standards.


Powder Painting

We offer powder coating services that provide durable and aesthetically pleasing finishes on metal parts. It is carried out by applying paint particles and then placing the painted part in a convection oven.


We perfectly understand that customers have different needs.
We meet this challenge and approach each order individually.

Professional Service

We place great emphasis on comprehensive and reliable customer service from the first contact until the end of the order.

The Highest Quality of Services

The steel cutting services we offer are characterized by the highest quality and professionalism.

Open cooperation

We are a completely independent company, open to any type of cooperation in the field of our activity.



Orders, carried out for you, are made in accordance with technical documentation. Each product undergoes strict quality control at every stage of production to guarantee the highest quality workmanship. Experienced staff who understand the needs of the market will help solve your problem as well. We are constantly investing in the development of our company and improving the skills of our employees.

Jesteśmy firmą świadczącą kompleksowe usługi związane z tworzeniem dedykowanych produktów dla klientów na terenie Wadowic i pobliskich okolic. Zajmujemy się nie tylko produkcją pojedynczych komponentów, ale również gotowych wyrobów. Oferowana obróbka stali i metalu skierowana jest dla osób prowadzących własną działalność usługową, jak również firm produkcyjnych zainteresowanych opcją malowania proszkowego.

Zainteresowała Cię nasza oferta? Zachęcamy do skorzystania z naszych kompleksowych usług obróbki stali.

Professional Steel Processing

Skilled workers operating on industrial machinery enable us to join, laser cut and bend sheet metal with minimal risk of error and high repeatability to maintain dimensions. We also offer our customers full powder coating support for surface protection. We help select the right paints to ensure greater resistance to adverse weather conditions and guarantee an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Laser Cutting, Bending and Joining of Metal Sheet

The industrial plant located in Wadowice specializes in comprehensive steel processing. High-quality machinery is used in the production processes, including a laser, which makes it possible to cut aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper. With the continuity of the processing or joining of sheet metal, it is possible to maintain up to 100% repeatability. The process is performed on materials of various types, which are worth protecting with a suitable coating using a service that offers powder coating

Industrial Services

The company, which offers laser cutting, bending and sheet metal joining, places emphasis on employees who strive for the best quality products so they can meet customer requirements. Both the powder coating process and metal bonding are a guarantee of repeatability when making a series. In the case of the laser cutting and sheet metal bending service, it is possible to achieve even the most complex shapes with the right tools, despite the imperfections of the materials being processed.

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